After many months of development and testing, we are excited to be launching the latest version of our client portal – a place where you can manage your entire portfolio quickly, simply and safely.

We'll answer now what this means for you, why we have done this and also how we will maintain our focus on client service through a digital platform.

Firstly, the portal is an added and very dynamic element to the way we will look after you. It will enable you to easily access key policy documents and information, request changes in cover, or even review and pay for your renewal. You can make claims quickly with direct links to your insurer and you can access other useful, relevant and interesting content from Lockton.

You can do all of this whenever you need to, wherever in the world you may be and using whatever your preferred method of technology is – the portal has been designed work equally well through desktop and mobile applications.

Every aspect of your portfolio can be managed – your home and its contents, your motor cars, passion asset collections, watercraft and all other personal insurance policies. All in one central and secure place.

Why have we done this? Put simply, we know that we are all living and working in a more digital world, perhaps never more so than during 2020 when for most of us, life changed in ways we could never have foreseen. Connecting virtually has become the new normal and whilst it is fair to say that we will see life returning to what we knew before, the 'new normal' will without any doubt include things which have in fact made life easier and simpler.

It's also a result of client feedback. We have always designed our client servicing around what each client wants and needs and many have asked us to provide a more agile way of interacting with them so that what we do works ever better for them.

We must not forget our staff either. Adding a digital platform frees up some of their time to quite simply spend more time with you. It means they can deepen their understanding of you as a client, from your lifestyle and buying habits through to being able to focus more of their time on assisting you and less on administration – it is a complimentary process, designed to benefit you and keep you at the centre of what we do.

Over 4,000 clients have registered to use the portal since its original launch and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. We have taken on board both positive and negative comments to further improve the way the portal works for you as a result. This brings us neatly to the final question – will this change how we work with you and will it affect the level of service we provide? We certainly hope so, but in a really positive way.  Working smarter and more efficiently allows our team more time to talk, be more attentive to your needs but also allows you to manage your insurances digitally when your time is short. 

We hope that the outline above will reassure you that we have taken this important step to improve and enhance what we already do and why we have taken the decision to offer you this platform.

It is equally important to emphasise that it does not reduce the way we will deliver service to every single client; in fact, far from it. We believe that, by adding a digital platform to our arsenal, it will improve service levels by improving our efficiency and enabling us to focus even more on our clients – on you and the things that matter to you.

Likewise, we can state with absolute certainty that the portal will not replace our staff or the highly personalised service we provide to every client. You will still be able to speak to your usual contacts, just as you do now. They will remain on hand to provide guidance and advice whenever you need it.

We are genuinely excited by this valuable enhancement to what Lockton already does for you and we look forward to hearing your feedback as the portal rolls out – this will make what we do even better for all of our clients.

We've created a guide to show you how to access and use the portal here and if you need any further guidance, then as always, please just let us know.