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Specialist Aston Martin Insurance

Aston Martins are the definition of pedigree. They're enviable in their prestige, beauty and performance. They're special – and that means their insurance should be too. 

Lockton knows it's not only about competitive rates and comprehensive cover. It's about how your insurer supports you when damage or an accident happens. It's about how hard they fight your corner, helping you to see your vehicle restored and your investment protected.

Benefits for Aston Martin owners can include:

  • Exclusive rating for AMOC
  • EU/UK Breakdown cover
  • £150k Legal Expenses
  • Courtesy car following a covered loss, regardless of fault whilst yours is in for repair
  • Any authorised driver over 35 years as standard – named and approved for 34 and below
  • Comprehensive cover for policyholder/spouse to drive any other vehicle not owned by them
  • Personal business use included as standard
  • Non-competitive road rallies (regularity) and club organised track day cover
  • Reduction in value cover following an insured loss
  • Agreed Value/Reinstatement Value included at no cost
  • New car replacement for 24 months following a total loss
  • Worldwide physical damage cover
  • Options to include spares, tools and auto memorabilia
  • Automatic physical loss/damage cover for new acquisitions

All subject to individual Underwriting and Terms & Conditions.