Stating that something is 'the best' is a bold statement and should always be validated to avoid it being dismissed as just opinion. 

Lockton has been a sponsor of Veloce since its inception in 2017 and we think it's the best trackday in the world, but what makes it so good? 

We can't think of another event that combines some of the finest cars with drivers who are household names, many with a very serious track record (pun intended) when it comes to driving fast, expensive and rare vehicles. 

More importantly, Veloce has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity over the last seven years by offering guests experiences that, put quite simply, cannot be bought elsewhere. Last year's event for example featured Damon Hill, Ross Brawn and Nick Fry to name just three. 

Along with the other generous owners and drivers, they gave their time for free to give guests passenger laps in a frankly mouth-watering lineup of cars ranging from classic racing machinery through to the latest exotic super and hypercars. 

Ross and Nick finished an amazing day with insight into the Brawn GP team and the unforgettable 2009 season, in a preview of the Disney series that was broadcast later in the year. 

Wednesday 24th July sees Veloce return to the historic Goodwood circuit. Fast and flowing with the stunning Sussex countryside as backdrop, the day begins with a grid walk before guests can view the activity from the iconic pit buildings while waiting for their passenger ride. 

The day is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with lunch overlooking the pit straight, giving you the chance to catch up with fellow guests and meet the drivers in a relaxed and informal setting. 

As a guest, you will be treated to three rides in three different cars. Previous highlights have included the infamous 'Beast of Turin', complete with fire spitting exhausts and the McLaren F1 GTR still in its iconic Harrods livery and with none other than Derek Bell behind the wheel – the same Derek Bell that drove it to third place in the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hour race. 

Founder Peter Neumark and event manager Chris Bucknall of V Events have now raised over £800,000 for the event's charities and their goal for 2024 is to break through the million-pound mark. 

The tickets usually cost £3,000 each but we are delighted to confirm that we are able to offer them to Lockton guests at a price of £2,500 each. Demand is always very high, so secure your place by contacting Georgie Currie at V Events georgie@v-management.com  

The Oxford Dictionary defines 'best' as of the most excellent or desirable type or quality. We think Veloce fits this definition perfectly, and we're looking forward to July!