Every supercar requires some basic ingredients. Power and performance are a given, to which you also need to add aesthetics, excellent driving dynamics, luxury and exclusivity. It is the combination of these individual parts that draws us to the Mazzanti Evantra, a hypercar that you may not have seen before, but you certainly won't forget once you do.

Power figures currently start at 761hp, courtesy of a GM V8 specially modified by Mazzanti Automobili. Adding turbochargers can take this number to 1121hp in the Millecavalli model. These numbers propel the Evantra to a top speed of around 250mph in the Millecavalli and the benchmark 60mph figure from standstill despatched in 2.7 seconds. A very good start indeed.

Aesthetics next, and the Evantra continues to impress. Mazzanti has produced a muscular yet compact design with elements of closed racing car from the Group C era. Yet its distinctive features – including rear-hinged semi-gullwing doors – make it very much a design of its own, not simply a reimagined Ferrari/McLaren/Lamborghini.

Power and performance are nothing without dynamics that make the car excellent to drive and so, when we can get behind the wheel once travel restrictions ease, we are expecting the Evantra's basic structure to deliver on all counts. The chassis is again racing car-inspired, featuring the engine 'rear mid-mounted', bringing it closer to the centre of the car, the fuel tank found ahead of the passenger compartment which enables the engine and gearbox to be mounted very low in the vehicle and a built-in roll bar forming part of the chassis. Suspension is bespoke and multi adjustable, confirming that the car can be used both on the circuit and also for road use.

Too many cars made by smaller manufacturers seem to take the 'racing car' theme to the extreme when it comes to the interior, and this can leave the driver feeling disappointed. Not Mazzanti. The Evantra is swathed in leather, alcantara and brushed metal. However, Mazzanti tailors every car to each customer's individual specification, using whatever materials they want – a truly bespoke process.

To cap the Evantra's credentials, only eleven have been made and no more than twenty of each variant of the Evantra will be built. That makes it tantalisingly exclusive.

You would be forgiven for assuming that Mazzanti is a relatively new business. In fact, the Tuscany-based company has been restoring classic cars for almost twenty years, with the Evantra itself premiering back in 2013. This followed the company's decision to split its activities between restoration and new car production.

Now firmly established as a manufacturer, Mazzanti sat down with HWM, one of the UK's longest-established specialist car dealers and, since 1951, an Aston Martin dealership. You can download the interview on the right hand side of this page. It also appeared in an abridged version in Supercars.net in August 2021.

If you are one of the fortunate few who own an Evantra, or indeed any other low volume, limited production super or hypercar, talk to Lockton today using the details below. We understand the nuances of arranging the right insurance cover for vehicles which are unusual, valuable or built in small numbers and we can make sure that your car is properly protected.

For further information about Mazzanti Automobili and its wonderful cars, contact Chris Ward.chris.ward@mazzantiautomobili.com