After a summer break, our regular roundup of news from the automotive world returns. It's been a busy period, with plenty of motoring events to keep you (and Lockton) entertained. As the season draws to a close, it's also a chance to look back at the highlights and bring you news stories and cars to look forward to.

Salon Privé 2022

We begin with Lockton's headline event. It's where we get the chance to meet owners of cars from across the spectrum of our club partners and also where we get to judge the best of the cars presented by the clubs competing for the Lockton Club Trophy.

You can read our full review here.


The greatest trackday on earth once again lived up to its description. A bright and warm day saw us at Silverstone for the first time, joined by a dazzling array of motorcars and an equally impressive driver line-up.

We've talked a bit more about this amazing event here 

Club news

Lockton attended several of the summer's big car club events, including the Ferrari Owners' Club summer garden party and Aston Martin Owners' Club Spring Concours.

We also attended the SCC Private Members private event at Bicester Heritage and we were blessed with fantastic sunny weather at almost every event we visited.

Other events

Motoring enthusiasts have been spoilt for choice in recent months and we've joined many of them. Our friends at Collecting Cars held two coffee runs at Bicester Heritage, the second seeing more than 2,000 cars. We also visited Wilton House for their Sunday Wake Up meeting – a splendid way to spend a morning, surrounded by cars ranging from a Porsche Carrera GT to an ex-works Renault 5 Maxi Turbo.

Honourable mention has to go to Max Chilton who broke the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb record in June. Driving the single seat Mcurtry Speirling, he set a time of 39.08 seconds, more than 2 seconds faster than the 1999 time set by Nick Heidfeld. Watching Tom pilot the car up the twisting stretch of tarmac, the notion that EVs aren't exciting was firmly put to rest.

Formula One

Max Verstappen seems to be on course for a second world title. The Dutchman has been unstoppable with the challenge from Charles Leclerc and Ferrari fading either side of the summer break. Mercedes have shown some strong results but sit firmly at the top of the midfield.

It is possible that Verstappen will have claimed this year's championship by the time we go to print but the race for the constructor's title looks set to continue, with Ferrari fighting Mercedes for second place behind Red Bull.

Motoring – hold onto your hats

It's been a very busy summer with a deluge of exciting new cars announced. Here's our rundown of the ones we think are set to make the biggest impact – not to mention, they're also models that we suspect we'll be asked to insure for some of our clients.

  • Red Bull RB17. Designed by Adrian Newey, powered by a mild hybrid motor quoted as producing 1,250hp and featuring active aerodynamics and capable of being made road legal. The comparison between this, Aston's Valkyrie and the Gordon Murray T.50 is a mouth- watering prospect.
  • Gordon Murray Automotive T.33. The sequel to the T.50, the new car uses the same Cosworth-developed V12 but does without the aero (including rear mounted fan) and has softer styling with elements of 1960s sports racers without being overly retrospective.
  • Lamborghini Aventador replacement. Spotted testing, the prototype continues with the theme of big, wide and dramatic. And it's also been confirmed that it will be powered by a hybrid powerplant which will feature the V12 that we've come to expect from Lamborghini.
  • Porsche 911 GT3RS. The fourth incarnation of the most extreme production 911 was announced in August. As is now the norm for the RS, the focus is on ultimate performance with lightened bodywork, a power increase to 517hp and track-orientated aerodynamics including a DRS system.
  • Aston Martin DBR22. Not to be outdone, Aston showed off a spectacular open 2-seater roadster which they say previews a limited run model coming very soon. The bodywork pays homage to Aston's DBR1&2 racers and uses 3D printing (a first for Aston) to produce a bespoke rear suspension unit. Oh, and it boasts 715hp from its twin turbocharged V12 engine.
  •  Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster. Two new Astons is certainly not greedy and the open topped version of the last Vantage to be powered by the V12 unit. Only 249 are being made and all are accounted for.
  • Pagani Utopia. The third-generation model from Pagani remains firmly ICE powered, continuing to use the Mercedes derived 864hp V12, with twin turbochargers and a manual gearbox. Styling is evolutionary but this is never a bad thing with Pagani; the new car retains a clear link to the outgoing Huayra and its predecessor the Zonda. Four exhaust pipes and exquisite interior styling continue the theme.
  • Bugatti Mistral. In a fitting swansong for the W16 engine, Bugatti unveiled a roadster based on the Chiron platform but featuring a bespoke carbon fibre body. Anyone with a drop of petrol in their veins knows about the engine that sits at the heart of this car but it's hard to believe that it's been almost eighteen years since we were first introduced to this amazing piece of engineering in the Veyron. Future cars will be electric, following the acquisition of Bugatti by Rimac.
  • Bentley Mulliner Batur. Another model bidding farewell to a defining engine, this limited run (of 18, at £1.65 million each) will be the final Bentley to be powered by the W12 engine and may at the same time be a glimpse into the company's EV powered future. Design is very much a modernised Continental GT with styling said to include features which we will see on future models.

A milestone for Ferrari

Not only is it the Italian firm's 75th birthday this year, but 2022 also marks another landmark for Ferrari – their first SUV.

We know, we thought the same when the news first broke a couple of years ago but we're happy to have been proved wrong. The Purosangue is a very good-looking car indeed, combining the new nose design seen on the Roma with elements of the FF.

It will be available with the V12 unit first seen in the Enzo and producing over 700hp, coupled to a four-wheel drive/4-wheel steer transmission and with active suspension. At this point in time, there is no news on other drivetrains or hybrid/electric options.

With Lamborghini's Urus and Aston Martin's DBX in its sights, performance figures are suitably competitive, with a top speed of above 193mph and the dash to 62mph covered in 3.3 seconds – mighty impressive for a car weighing over 2 tons.

One of the car's most striking features is the suicide rear doors – surely one of the best pieces of car design ever invented? Inside features a combination of Ferrari's generic styling with enhanced touches throughout to focus on the luxurious brief.

Prices are quoted to start from £350,000, production is scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2023 and will be capped initially ay around 2,000 units, all of which are said to be sold – and for some years beyond too.

It's impossible not to try and wonder what Enzo might have made of a SUV with his famous badge affixed to its bonnet. However, if the advance sales are anything to judge, he would undoubtedly be very happy with its financial performance alone.

In other news

  • Sustainable fuel is gathering momentum with the news that Porsche plans to build a second production facility in Tasmania to make its efuel, joining the existing plant in Chile. Formula One has also announced that it will use 100% sustainable fuel from 2026, keeping the series firmly ICE-based.
  • Staying with Porsche, the German firm has confirmed that it is targeting 80% of its cars to be EVs by 2025, with the next Cayman/Boxster platform to be electric and a range topping SUV to follow suit, sitting above the Cayenne.
  • Meyers Manx has relaunched its iconic Beach Buggy, complete with electric power. The company was acquired in 2020 by a consortium headed by American car collector Philip Sarofim. The car retains its basic design and layout (surely one of the most iconic shapes of the 60s) with lithium-ion batteries and modern brakes, steering and suspension perfectly blended to leave a pure shape which shouts 'fun'.
  • Ford's Mustang enters its seventh generation with a focus on improving an already well-received package. Topping the range is the excellently named Dark Horse, giving one over 450hp and a long list of chassis enhancements.
  • We end with Porsche and fun news, with the sale of a one-off 'Sally Carrera' 992 for US$3.6m at auction during Monterey Car Week. For anyone with children, the name will be familiar as the car was created to pay homage to the automotive girlfriend of a certain Lightning McQueen. All proceeds from the auction by RM Sotheby's will go to charity.

We hope you've enjoyed our comprehensive update (which we've slimmed down a bit too) focusing on the stories that we think you'll find most interesting. If you think we've missed anything or have suggestions on how we can improve please let us know.