Lockton Performance is one of the leading insurance brokers focusing on the classic, specialist and sports/super/hyper car sector. We arrange insurance for thousands of vehicles worth billions of pounds and we are approved by several leading owners' clubs.

This being said, we don't insure “everyone” and we aren't always the cheapest – nor do we intend to be. The policy that Lockton Performance provides is underwritten exclusively for our clients by Aviva and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

There are numerous policies available that can insure multiple vehicles under a single policy and this can include more expensive, high-performance cars at premiums which are at times extremely competitive. But should price alone dictate how you insure a car which you've worked hard to own and which isn't just a means of transport?

If the cover is as good as, or indeed superior to, that which Lockton can provide then it's certainly a compelling argument – even if the cover we provide is widely acknowledged as being market leading.

We are never complacent. We regularly review other motor insurance policies and we are fortunate to have many clients who feed information back to us when a particular issue causes fellow enthusiasts difficulties.

One such subject is that of “organised motoring events” and we were surprised to find that some insurers are starting to specifically exclude this from their policy wordings.

We understand that this can include road-based events or trips where a club or other entity organises for a group of owners to take part in a tour or trip on a pre-determined route. Distances are not specified, so this might include these scenarios.

  • Meeting at a specific spot and travelling to a pub for dinner.
  • Heading to a motoring show or venue in a group with pre-agreed meeting points.
  • Embarking on a road trip – whether it's the NC500 or a drive across Europe.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the level of organised road tours and events and the number of companies who organise them. This has evolved into combining some of the best roads in the UK and Europe with the finest hotels, food and drink.

To clarify, if you are planning a trip with friends, taking part in an owners' club organised tour or simply heading to your favourite motoring hangout and planning meeting points along the way, these will all be insured by your Lockton policy without the need to tell us in advance.

We believe that exclusions such as this are both contentious and less than clear or concise. This is why our policy specifically states that road rallies, organised on a public highway with normal rules of the road applying, are covered as standard. We have designed these policy wordings to reflect how people actually use their cars – as motoring enthusiasts, we understand what other enthusiasts need from their insurance cover.

You will only need to talk to us if you are planning to take part in a trackday during the event that is not club organised, as we'll need to speak to the insurer in advance to determine whether they can provide cover.

We know also that many motor policies designed at their core for standard vehicles simply won't cover trackdays under any circumstances, meaning that separate trackday cover needs to be purchased to cover damage to the vehicle.

It's worth highlighting that there are a very small number of road-based events that Lockton's policy, in common with many insurers, will not cover. Some have a less than enviable (and sadly widely publicised) record of both driving standards and accidents. Please talk to us if you plan to take part in an event – in almost all cases, normal cover will apply as outlined above.

There are numerous other reasons why Lockton's policy is simply better suited to specialist cars and we'll focus on some of these in future articles.

So, before you buy a cheaper policy, talk to Lockton.