At Lockton Performance, we're proud to be the broker of choice to a number of car clubs. We primarily provide motor insurance and related advice and guidance to their members and we attend as many club events and shows as possible during the year. Sadly, this hasn't been the case during 2020 but we're looking to 2021 with positivity.

Lockton acts as insurance supplier to the following clubs – in some cases as their exclusive or approved partner.

  • Aston Martin Owners Club – official insurance partner
  • Bentley Drivers Club – insurance partner
  • Ferrari Owners Club – official insurance partner
  • Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – insurance partner
  • Lamborghini Club UK – official insurance partner
  • Maserati Club UK – insurance partner
  • Porsche Club of Great Britain – official insurance partner

Lockton are big supporters of the car club and motoring enthusiast community and we sat down with David Hamer, our resident club expert, to find out a bit more about what Lockton does for this sector, what makes us different and why, with over 8,000 clients, we are considered to be the best choice by so many clubs and their members.

David, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Well, I have been in the insurance business for over 40 years undertaking various roles in both insurance brokers and companies in the UK and overseas.

I joined Lockton in 2007 and since then I have concentrated my efforts in looking after the needs of car clubs and their members. In addition I also look after the FIM recognised governing body for all two wheeled motor sport in the UK. The legal framework and risks around motorsport are complex and this knowledge is vital when I advise club members who want to take their cars on track or off the public highway.

Can you expand on Lockton's history with owners' clubs?

That is an interesting question and I know I do not have an accurate answer.

I believe it was back in the early 70's when Tremellen & Co a predecessor company to Lockton set up a member's motor insurance scheme for the Aston Martin Owners Club. I have tried to investigate the earliest mention of the scheme but cannot find a definitive set up date. I guess the simple answer is that we have been looking after the insurance needs of car club members for over 40 years.

How does Lockton's policy help a car club member? What benefits does the policy include?

Firstly, we listen to our car club members and design our policy to make their life easier.

For example our policy allows anybody over 35 to drive a vehicle insured with us and in reverse a member insured with us can drive someone else's car with  Comprehensive cover in both circumstances. This removes the hassle of contacting your insurance broker when you want to drive another car or someone wants to drive your car.

Members are often surprised that we can insure their car when on a track day. We can insure the vehicle for damage subject to a 10% excess and uniquely provide Third Party Liability protection up to £2m. But the real surprise is that we do not charge for this cover!

There are a host of other benefits listed on our web site or people can call us to hear more of the advantages in insuring under the club scheme.

Lockton provides insurance solutions to the car club member; what do they do to further support clubs?

Lockton are always looking for ways to support our clubs and over a normal year the team and I will attend many events ranging from social occasions, Concours and race days. These are great moments to talk to members and to add value to the club. It is a time when we can show our expertise in helping members who have questions or issues that they wish to discuss face to face.

Can you tell us about how Lockton has worked for the clubs during the ongoing pandemic?

Probably the most significant change has been a move to virtual meetings and presentations.  I have always enjoyed presenting in person to members but it was a first for me to present via Zoom and the other video conferencing systems. I have attend around 20 meetings and spoke on various topics – the club insurance scheme has always been paramount with members but I have also covered claims, laid up policies, track days and Brexit issues around insurance. Who ever thought we would see Green Cards again.

How do you view 2020 from the perspective of the car club? How have clubs adapted to the changing world?

I hope we can return to having physical events. Seeing and hearing the cars again will give all of us great fillip and some sense of a return to normal life even if there has to be some restrictions. I know that all the clubs are putting their event plans together with an eye on flexibility should changes be required.. I think there will be challenges for the organisers of the stand out motoring shows that require a substantial lead in time. Ultimately it is the Government both national and local that will control what can be achieved.

How has Lockton as a business adapted to life under lockdown?

Lockton Performance have an incredible team of people who are dedicated, reliable and knowledgeable. Overnight they adapted to the home working environment with a minimum of fuss or disruption. Yes there was the odd hiccup which we overcame and moved on. The team have remained focused and resilient even though we have been at home for far longer than any of us predicted.

What automotive activity are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I think the answer is obvious – we all went to get out and drive our cars to events where we can socialise with members and friends. Whether it is a Concours, a drive out with lunch or a race day - it can be any event - we just want to have a good time.