You're just about to take delivery of your new car. You know the feeling – it's exciting, a moment you may have waited some months for. It might even be the car that you've waited your entire lifetime to own (and if it is, then congratulations).

So surely if it's brand new then you don't have to worry about it needing any more cleaning, right?

Well firstly, a brand new car fresh off the transporter should be pristine. Almost all cars are now moved with a lot of protective covers; you've almost certainly seen cars wrapped in white plastic on transporters.

When those cars are unwrapped, they should stay looking this way but this isn't always the case and we know that, behind the scenes, this causes the sales staff headaches as they want a hassle-free handover experience as much as you do.

The rapid growth in the vehicle detailing sector in recent years has fuelled awareness and education and in 2020 car dealers will be less surprised when customers ask for their new vehicle not to be washed at all prior to collection, thus avoiding any chance of potential damage – not to mention the associated hassle for both you and them.

So having hopefully avoided upsetting every car salesperson in the country, let's look at why it makes sense to get your brand new car protected – and ideally before you even collect it.

The answer is a simple one. When brand new, your car should have no defects which need repairing, no ingrained dirt which needs deep cleaning, wheels which are perfect and glass which is crystal clear so it makes sense to keep it looking that good from the very start.

In theory, brand new vehicles are easier to protect too, as they should require less in terms of repairing or rectifying issues, whether inside or out.

Protecting the outside of your vehicle from new can also have a positive impact (pun intended) when it comes to your insurance. As an example, having Paint Protection Film (PPF) applied is acknowledged to prevent minor scuffs and other abrasions, such as car parking mishaps. We've written about PPF here https://www.locktonperformance.com/news/car-care-essentials-paint-protection-film.html with some great insight from within the industry.

The benefit here is that this not only removes the need to make a claim but also the irritation of needing even a small part of your new car repainted, not to mention the inconvenience of being without your vehicle whilst repairs are carried out – although our policies do include the provision of a suitable replacement car.

Insurers will factor in the cost of PPF when applied by a professional and the need for any replacement or reinstatement within our policy cover, to ensure that in the event of any repairs, the cost of replacement will be insured. The same will apply to professionally applied ceramic coating work. All you need to do is remember to tell us when we provide you with a quotation, so that the cost of the work can be factored into the cover.

Specialist car dealers are reporting a significant upturn in sales in recent weeks, as lockdown begins to ease. So, if you're looking for a new car, we hope that the above is of some assistance and we also hope that you'll talk to Lockton when you need to protect your new purchase.