In this article, we wanted to take the time to describe in more detail the process and unique benefits of considering a collector's policy with Lockton.

As specialist providers of insurance for performance and classic cars, it's common for owners to contact Lockton with one goal in mind: The arranging of the best cover possible for their most prized possession.

What many initially aren't aware of, however, is just how much can be done for the other vehicles they own and use each year – whatever their value.

The key is convenience

Insurance policies are rarely arranged enthusiastically! It's an obligation a vehicle owner must meet and while it merits proper investment, we're aware you have other things to do in your days and weeks.

A collector's policy saves you time – it's that simple. With no compromise in premiums or the specifics of your cover, arranging this kind of insurance through a specialist provider like Lockton is a win-win proposition that simply requires a minimum of five vehicles insured.

Change isn't an issue

We share your passion for vehicles, and we know first-hand how a collection can change. Whether you're the owner of an extensive, professionally maintained array of classics or simply an enthusiast with a range of daily drivers at home, it's common for vehicles to be purchased and sold as time goes by.

In the interests of absolute convenience, Lockton charges no fee for additions or removals within your policy. Unlike other insurers who commonly charge for this service, a Lockton premium is instead simply recalculated at the next annual renewal period.

This is a significant and unique benefit of a Lockton collector's policy, and we see time and again just how practically beneficial it is to the owners we serve each year.

Any mileage supported

Cars, both classic and performance, will vary in mileage within a collection. Our insurance provider can cater to both high and low mileage vehicles.

Family policies

It's common – and perfectly acceptable under our cover – for a collector's policy to include family vehicles. Where this may prove costly or problematic with other insurers, the Lockton Performance team are able to cater to this regular need.

Once more, we find this capability to be particularly helpful to our clients who simply need cover that is thorough, practical and convenient to manage.

EU claims and breakdown cover

It's far from uncommon for a collector to require EU cover for their vehicles – particularly if they have a collector's policy that includes their daily drivers. Lockton collector's policies provided by Chubb include breakdown and repatriation cover in the UK and European Union. HomeStart and roadside assistance are likewise available.

While few would be proud of admitting such a mistake, we're also able to provide misfuelling cover in any policy! Chubb policies provide an on-demand misfuelling service where your vehicle's fuel tank is flushed – and money provided towards fuel costs to get home if needed. There is a limit of six callouts per policy year.

A personal point of contact

In an age of call centres, we'd like to finish this article by reminding our readers that a point of pride in our service is our availability and personal approach to insurance.

A Lockton vehicle policy provides a personal point of contact in the form of an experienced Account Manager. General advice, easy tailoring of your policy and assistance when needed most are the staples of the Lockton Performance team.

If you'd like to speak to us directly, whether regarding the arrangement of a policy or for a general query, please do reach out using the contact details listed on this page.