The thought of someone stealing your property is at best, a sobering one. You've worked hard to own nice things and whether it's your home or your car, any loss can be both upsetting and extremely inconvenient – particularly in the case of a vehicle, which may be hard to replace due to its rarity, specification or the ongoing supply chain issues affecting the car industry.

Simple and effective vehicle security is the answer and with this in mind, we sat down with Tony Rook of Meta Trak to find out a bit more about how to keep your vehicles as secure as possible.

Lockton - Vehicle theft sometimes feels like a never-ending battle with car thieves. How does Meta Trak's approach tackle this problem?

Tony - Meta Trak uses a multi-layer approach to vehicle security, starting with a tracking device which acts as hub, through to engine immobilisation and OBD Port protection all communicating wirelessly. This means, if one part of the solution is found, the entire solution is not compromised, unlike almost all competitor solutions.

The world of vehicle security can be confusing for the lay-person. Can you sum up the Meta Trak range and how they compare with other solutions?

We consider Meta Trak propositions as a new generation of vehicle security due its unique technology. This technology enables incremental security such as Driver Recognition, Engine Immobilisation and OBD Port immobilisation in order meet the needs of the owner even at a later date.

How does Meta Trak work versus a product which utilises vehicle functions and buttons in sequence to enable it to be started?

The security Meta Trak brings to the vehicle comes from being isolated from the core vehicle electronics; this a key vulnerability. However, user friendliness remains an important factor, the Meta Trak solution is completely transparent to the owner in its operation.

Is Meta Trak a simple solution to provide protection against theft, as many people want something straightforward, easy to use and not intrusive in terms of operation or installation?

Meta Trak is comprehensive security package that is simple to use, installation on the other hand must be done by a competent, approved dealer as detailed knowledge of the vehicle is essential.

Why is accreditation important?

It's important to have a product that has been accredited by Thatcham. This ensures that the system has no ill effect on the vehicle, such as interference or battery drain issues and that the product is safe for use in the intended installation environment.

Should car owners still use physical theft deterrents, such as steering wheel locks, when their vehicle is fitted with a Meta Trak product? 

Physical deterrents are just so cumbersome. Removing a physical device is generally far easier for a thief than finding and rewiring a Meta Trak engine Immobiliser, for example. So generally, once they establish the vehicle isn't going to start, they'll give up and move on.

Cars appear to be getting ever more reliant on technology to deliver convenience and comfort. Where do you see the future of car security heading?

Unfortunately, the more connected vehicles become, the more vulnerable they will become. Which is why we believe the only way to secure a vehicle is to have security that is isolated from the vehicle's electronic systems.

Meta Trak have set up a specific email for Lockton clients to use for further specific advice, or to arrange installation. You can either email them here lockton@metatrak.co.uk or speak to your Client Manager for further assistance.