Classic Car & Collections Car Insurance

Whether you own a single classic car or a collection you can rely on Lockton to tailor a classic car insurance policy that satisfies your individual requirements at a competitive price.

From the everyday to the iconic, the eccentric to the exquisite, the single car to the collection, we have years of experience in sourcing classic car insurance for the world's most desirable cars to the simple, treasured runabouts of yesteryear.

The unique nature of classic cars means there's no 'one-size-fits-all' classic car insurance policy that will suit your needs. Lockton negotiates every policy individually, delivering exceptional classic car insurance that reflects your car and the way you run it.

We strive for simplicity. For example, we will insure all your vehicles on one policy, with one premium and one renewal date.

Our market-leading classic car insurance can include: 

  • Agreed replacement values
    This means we won't argue about the value of your car after a claim. Most ordinary policies, regardless of the sum stated in the policy, pay claims based on the so-called 'market value' of your car. More often than not – particularly with classic cars – this is a lot less than the actual replacement cost, if a replacement is available.  You could be left thousands out-of-pocket.
    We can insure your car at a value we all agree at the start of the policy year.  And here's the thing, this sum is fixed for the whole policy year. If your car is written-off this is the exact sum you'll receive with no deductions, no excess and no quibbling.
  • Your choice of repairer after an accident
    We understand that many owners have a particular garage they trust that knows their car inside-out. You will be able to have the repair carried out there.
  • Automatic cover for concours and rallies in the UK
  • Automatic cover for driving in the EU
  • Breakdown and recovery cover in the UK and EU
  • Even ... Track day cover.
  • Plus ... Award-winning claim service  
    Our claim service specialists are consistently voted by the industry as the best in the UK – renowned for their speed and fairness as well as their sympathetic approach to restoring your cherished car to its condition before the claim.

And we do all this at a competitive price.

That's why we can confidently say we offer classic car insurance at its best.

I have been a Lockton client since 2009. The team is patient, polite and honest. If they say they will do something - they do it. Importantly, they listen. They argue my case from my perspective and understand my view. No request for assistance is ever too much.
Classic Car - Client, UK