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1. Am I covered to drive abroad and do I have breakdown assistance cover?
Yes, you are automatically covered when driving in the European Union, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland with full comprehensive cover. A single trip limit of 90 days applies. Full UK and European breakdown recovery cover is only operative if shown on your schedule of insurance.

2. What does 'agreed value' mean?
Agreed Value cover guarantees what insurers will pay in the event of a total loss. Agreed Value cover is only operative if shown on your schedule of insurance.  If you require insurers to agree the value of your cars this can be arranged subject to an independent valuation carried out by a recognised specialist source. There is no additional charge for Agreed Value cover, however, the specialists that furnish you with a valuation may impose a fee for this service. Please note that if the sums insured are adjusted as a result of the valuation then an additional/return premium may apply.

3. What does 'market value' mean?
Market Value means the cost of replacing your vehicle shown in your policy schedule with a vehicle of the same make, model, specification, mileage and age, and in the same condition as your vehicle immediately prior to the covered loss. However, under no circumstances will the insurer pay more than the amount shown on your schedule.

4. What should I do if my vehicle breaks down? (Chubb policyholders only)
 In the event of a motor vehicle breakdown, call ARAG on:

  •  Calling from within the UK: 0800 018 0678
  •  Calling from outside the UK: +44 20 7031 3905

Please provide the following information:

  •   the Covered Person's name;
  •   registration number of the Covered Vehicle;
  •   the make, model and colour of the Covered Vehicle;
  •   nature of the Breakdown and location of the Covered Vehicle; and
  •   if the Covered Vehicle is fitted with alloy wheels

A breakdown assistance operator will arrange for a recovery operator to come to the Covered Person's assistance as quickly as possible. Breakdown recovery cover is only operative if shown on your schedule of insurance.

5. How do I make a claim?
To make a claim, in the first instance please contact your account manager or call the contact telephone numbers listed below. The Chubb Claims Centre telephone services are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will:

  • recover Your Vehicle to either a repairer of Your choice or an approved repairer following a covered accident
  • inspect and approve repairs on Our behalf
  • clean Your Vehicle following the completion of the repairs; and return Your Vehicle to You
  • This service has been arranged to manage your claim from the first notification through to final settlement. At times the Chubb Claims Centre telephone services are manned by their selected specialist partners.

Calling from inside the UK: 0800 018 0678
Calling from outside the UK: +44 20 7031 3905

6. I have a garaging warranty but am visiting friends this weekend?
A Garaging Warranty only applies when the vehicle is parked within a quarter of a mile radius of Your Declared Garaging Address or any of Your home addresses, unless specifically agreed by Us. For example, if you decide to visit a friend and you find yourself unable to garage your vehicle overnight, providing that you are more than a quarter of a mile from Your Declared Garaging Address or any of Your home addresses then you will be covered.

7. Do I get a discount for being a car club member?
Lockton are one of the market leaders in the insurance of specialist cars and operate exclusive facilities with several major car clubs including Ferrari Owners' Club, Porsche Club GB and Aston Martin Owners Club, Lamborghini Club UK, Maserati Club UK and the Bentley Drivers Club. All of our bespoke schemes are controlled by Lockton and they all benefit from exclusive rates tailored to each individual client's needs.

8. Do I have a mileage restriction on my policy?
Yes, most policies have an agreed annual mileage limitation. This will be shown in your most recent Policy Schedule. Please note that if the covered vehicle exceeds the agreed mileage shown in your Policy Schedule, the insurers reserve the right not to cover any loss or damages.

If you are approaching the agreed annual mileage limitation or are likely to exceed please contact your account manager to see what option we have available for you.

9. What is a warranty or contract modification?
Policies of insurance are subject to terms, conditions, endorsements, exclusions and restrictions. Your insurance policies may contain warranties and/or conditions and if so, the terms of all warranties and the key conditions will be detailed in your Policy Schedule. You should be aware that for insurance purposes these are:
Warranty – a warranty is essentially a promise made by you relating to facts or to something which you agree to do.
Condition – a condition is essentially a terms within the insurance contract that you must comply with.


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